About us

MAIS s.r.l. operates in the field of construction and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of fuel and gas distribution stations for motor vehicles, with both electromechanical and electronic interventions, as well as construction.

The professionalism and skills acquired over time allow the company to offer its services to a vast and diverse clientele, spread throughout the national territory, counting among its collaborations, both small and medium-sized local companies and large leading industrial groups of the national and international oil market.

The company is based in Acquaviva delle Fonti, in the province of Bari.

The history

The history of MAIS started in 1979, when, established as a de-facto company, it began to mainly deal with the repair and assistance of self-service systems. Corporate changes led to the current management of the company in 1995, thanks to which MAIS began to expand its field of intervention, first enhancing and consolidating its work in the field of electronic and electromechanical maintenance, and subsequently extending its lines of intervention to civil construction.

In 2002, confirming the skills acquired in the field and its commitment over the years, our company became an official partner of Eni S.p.A., which appointed us with the maintenance of plants for the distribution of fuels and gas over its network of points of sale in Puglia and Basilicata.

Mais Impianti

Since then and uninterruptedly until today, out company has been a partner of ENI, for which it manages, through specific framework contracts, both ordinary maintenance and activities relating to the construction and renovation of the Points of Sale in the Campania, Puglia and Basilicata regions.

The collaboration with the Company Kuwait Petroleum dates back to 2012. Initially, only concerned the renovation of their system network in Puglia and Basilicata, and today, in addition to those activities, it also encompasses all painting works of their Points of Sale, the maintenance of LPG plants, as well as legal metrology activities and controls.

More recent are the acquisitions of ordinary maintenance activities for API-branded Points of Sale, as well as the collaboration with the Snam Rete Gas Group.

Since 2006, our company is Wayne and Gilbarco CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for POS dispensers and management systems.

In recent years, it has consolidated its core business by strengthening the business area dedicated to the construction of alternative energy plants: LPG, natural gas, photovoltaic and wind power.


MAIS operates in an evolved market and seeks customer satisfaction by offering innovative services and guaranteed products according to a growth policy based on continuous improvement. The strength of the group consists in offering a wide range of opportunities all provided according to quality, transparency and customer proximity.

Global service

MAIS offers a global service:

inspections and feasibility analysis, intervention planning, implementation, technical assistance, updating and training at the point of sale.

With this methodology, the customer, through a single interlocutor, eliminates the phases of intermediation and secondary management, facilitating the delivery of works and, above all, significantly reducing the risks due to downtime.


For the phase of maintenance and restart of equipment and systems, MAIS is present in the territory through the maintenance team that covers the provinces of Puglia and Basilicata; it is centrally managed by the Maintenance Service Center, which coordinates the operational activities on the local network, organizing the interventions and thus offering the customer an effective and economic timely service.

Service Maintenance Center

The Service Center is the interface of MAIS with its customers. At the Center, the customer’s requests are accepted and, together with the planning unit, the work plans were drawn up, the technical-economic proposals were formulated, the requests were sorted out to the operating network and the progress of the work was analyzed.

Quality Management System

MAIS in all its relations, both internal and external, adopts an attitude inspired by quality. For several years it has standardized its organization according to the Quality Management System certification with ISO 9001.

In this context, the company moves towards the identification of significant and measurable parameters and invests so that the same parameters improve continuously: to this purpose, each employee is instructed to comply with quality standards and systematically compare with the best competitors on the market.

Services offered

  • Construction of new systems, from design to “turnkey” delivery
  • Removal of existing systems
  • Implementation of electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil systems
  • Implementation of safety and air conditioning systems
  • Structural and regulatory upgrade works
  • Metalworks
  • Arrangement of green areas
  • Supply and maintenance of cafeteria equipment
  • Maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment
  • Hardware and software assistance
  • Restoration and conservation works
  • Installation and maintenance of car wash facilities