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Help Desk

Help Desk

Our Call Center deals with customer relations and the organization of maintenance activities in the various points of sale: timeliness of decision, professional competence, reduced supply times and savings, are the principles that inspire our action.

Areas of intervention:

  • Automatic call reception via management software;
  • Distribution of calls to the operators according to competence areas;
  • Performance analysis and control of the performed interventions;
  • Management of the intervention closure via software;
  • Collection of requests received and planning of interventions under the direction of the planning unit.


The Maintenance Division provides customer assistance services.

The Division is specialized in keeping the delivered equipment and systems in operation according to an organizational model governed by logistics and maintenance engineering aimed at improving processes, analyzing faults and preventing malfunctions

The operating team includes a variety of skills and professional competences in the electromechanical, electrical and construction fields, put each time at the service of the plants according to the intervention lines previously envisaged by the planning unit.

The activity is carried out in cooperation with our technical laboratory, which intervenes where it is not possible to operate on site, i.e. on all electronic components that require complex functional tests before making them operational again and on hardware and software components in order to experiment new and more efficient solutions.

Maintenance engineering and logistics, supported by expert personnel subjected to a continuous training process, guarantee to our customer timeliness, effectiveness and innovation.

Areas of intervention on filling stations:

  • Electronic cards and equipment;
  • Mechanical and electromechanical components of fuel dispensers;
  • Hardware and software components of the plants;
  • Technological systems;
  • Maintenance of natural gas and LPG systems
Technological Systems and Constructions
Divisione impianti

Technological Systems and Constructions

The System Division implements the structural functionalities of the customer. Through a service of specialized teams, it carries out the construction of system with the “turnkey” formula, the removal of existing systems, regulatory and structural upgrades of systems, technological installations and general works concerning the connection to sewage, electrical and telephone grids, etc.

The 360° intervention capacity allows us to design interventions that start from the removal of existing systems and go up to the delivery of new complete structures, including the construction of the facility with the supply of equipment for setting up the cafeteria and interior furnishings, to the installation of the supply system, to the construction of the self-washing system.

The construction activity is carried out by the company’s technical office, which, together with the company management, coordinates and manages the work of the construction and electromechanical teams.


Areas of intervention:

  • Construction of new systems from design to turnkey delivery;
  • Removal of existing systems;
  • Implementation of electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil systems;
  • Implementation of safety and air conditioning systems;
  • Structural and regulatory upgrades;
  • Metalworks;
  • Arrangement of green areas;
  • Supply and maintenance of cafeteria equipment;
Technical-Design Area

Technical-Design Area

The technical-design division carries out the design and study of the customer’s plans.

It interacts with the customer in an active and proactive way, studies its needs, implements appropriate solutions consistent with the expectations, takes care of the customization of the product

The technical department avails itself of the collaboration of professionals (surveyors and engineers) who manage the relations with the Supervisory Authorities (ARPA, ISPESL, Municipalities), carry out the surveys and verify the compatibility conditions, draw up the general documents, agree on the elements for the final works, coordinate and manage the work of the System Division, obtain the required legal authorizations from the relevant Authorities, all under the constant direction of the company management.

Areas of intervention:

  • Design of systems;
  • Prevention of environmental risks;
  • Instrumental checks;
  • Regulatory upgrades;
  • Procedures for obtaining concessions and authorizations from National Bodies;
  • Coordination and programming of the System Division’s work;
Clean Energy

Clean Energy

MAIS promotes the adoption of alternative energy sources, constantly pursuing a reduced environmental impact. This policy is expressed in the construction of LPG and natural gas distribution plants for motor vehicles and in the installation of renewable energy, photovoltaic and wind power plants

Areas of intervention:

  • LPG systems
  • Natural gas systems
  • Photovoltaic and wind energy systems
Metrological Laboratory

Metrological Laboratory

To complete the framework of services offered to the customer, in recent years our company has developed internally an area dedicated to all legal metrology services, obtaining the Metrological Laboratory certification for liquids other than water and presenting itself today on the market as a point of reference in the territory for all statutory checks.

Areas of intervention:

  • Metrological checks of national supply systems
  • Metrological checks of MID supply systems
  • Periodic biennial checks
  • Compliance renewal activity